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Fuji Robotics is the World's Largest Robotic Palletizer Manufacturer in India. We offer Green Saving Models such as Low & Medium Robotic Palletizer, High Speed Robotic Palletizer, Heavy Payload Robotic Palletizer. Robotic palletizers make it possible to efficiently palletize mixed case pallets that carry a variety of different products.

Fuji has installed 17000 robotic system. We offer Industrial Robotic Palletizer & Automatic Robotic Palletizer for loading and offloading industrial products such as bottles, cartons, boxes, etc.

Robotic Palletizer has made the lives of the customer easy by providing a means to automatically adjust the speed of the whole production line to suit whichever activity is the critical constraint for a given batch. It can automatically make tiny adjustments in line speed to improve the overall balance of individual lines and maximize the effectiveness of the whole manufacturing system.

We are the top leading company all over the world for manufacturing Industrial Robotic Palletizer with energy saving, laborsaving and improve the productivity. we provide high performing Robotic Palletizer for loading and offloading various Industrial Products

Our Product

Robotic Palletizer EC-102

Robotic Palletizer EC-171

Robotic Palletizer EC-201

Robotic Palletizer EC-201W

Benefits on having Robotic Palletizer

  • Improves working conditions can handle heavy Loads and employee safety
  • Increases production flexibility and can handle multiple production lines
  • Robotic Palletizer provide the flexibility to handle various stack patterns
  • No Labour Crisis and Decrease in Labor Injuries
  • Robotic Palletizer offer fully-automated end of arm tool change-over to handle multiple products

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