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  1. FUJI-ACE: FUJI-ACE is flexible material handling robot which will help various cargo handling work to be automated and minimize man power.
  2. COLUMN-ACE: COLUMN-ACE is palletizing robot specialized for column pattern and having high capacity more than conventional robotic palletizer. This will bring user space saving and high cost performance.
  3. CASER ROBOT: Our caser robot was developed by our long years’ experience of pick & place. It can be used for bottling, packaging line, assembling line and many other purposes.
  4. ROBOTIC PALLETIZER: Fuji developed conventional robotic palletizer in 1963, since then we have been improved the system in terms of reliability, energy saving, low noise level compared with other robotic palletizer.
  5. LIFT CONVEYOR: It is vertical lift conveyor controlled by microcomputer, developed by out robot technologies. It is used for automation in multi floor storage, distributing centre, refrigerated warehouse and so on.



  • P-Cal
  • Easy Setup
  • 1 Time Setting


  • variety Robot
    Model &
  • Space Saving


  • In House
  • Quality Assurance
  • Low


  • Speed
  • Accuracy
  • Pay Load
  • Move2


  • Pre Sales
  • Post Sales
  • Self-Diagnostic

Turn Key

  • End Effector
  • Conveyor
  • Pallet Magazine


  • Energy
  • Light Weight

User Friendly-Easy to setup and operate

Easy, straight forward setup process, Fuji ALLSOFT do the rest of detail calculation job.

Once setup, customer can modify product info with touch screen GUI in 2 minutes, no software modification is needed.


Comparison Table

Brand Model Payload Max. reach Cycle/Hr Core Expertise Delivery Time
Ku KR120PA 120kg 3195 mm 1000 Automotive 20 week
KR180PA 180kg 3195 mm 700 Automotive 20 week
Fan M410iC/185 185kg 3143 mm 800 Automotive 16 week
M410iC/315 315kg 3143 mm 600 Automotive 16 week
AB IRB660-180/3.15 180kg 3150 mm 1100 Automotive/Process 12 week
IRB660-250/3.15 250kg 3150 mm 950 Automotive/Process 14 week
IRB 760-450/3.2 450kg 3180 mm 800 Automotive/Process 14 week
Kawa ZD250S 250kg 2875 mm 800 Automotive 16 week
MD400N 400kg 2875 mm 500 Automotive 16 week
Fuji Ace Robot Palletizer EC-102 160kg 2550mm 1100 Robotic Palletizing 12 Week
EC-171 250kg 2550mm 1200 Robotic Palletizing 12 Week
EC-201 200kg 2650mm 1400 Robotic Palletizing 12 Week
EC-201 300kg 2650mm 500 Robotic Palletizing 16 Week