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Basic Layout

Designs are based on accumulated know-how from long experience, basic layout are far superior in practicality and efficiency.Here are few typical standard layouts.We standardize many other layouts (the layout dimensions vary depending on the size of the product to be handled, pallet size etc).

(Pallet = 1100 W × 1100 L)


II - 2

It is a type of loading on a pallet on the floor (pallets can be stacked and used).It is a simple system that can be installed only with feed conveyor, robot, safety fence.


III - 1

By using a conveyor,it is a type that automatically conveys pallets.It can correspond to high performance line.



It is a type that pallets are conveyed automatically at right angles.A layout according to the installation place can be assembled, and work space can be secured.



Combines pallet automatic conveyance line, and it is a type which stacks products of 2 lines at the same time.


III - 3

Empty pallets pass through the lower side of the robot and flow to both sides.By placing the magazine behind the robot, you can effectively utilize the space.


III - Special

Combine pallet automatic conveying lines and stack type products of 3 lines at the same time.

3D Example Layouts

Pallet Onfloor Type


We will deliver equipment that can deliver outstanding reliability and cost merit.

Automatic Pallet Transport Type


In order to meet various needs, we have enriched peripheral equipments.

Space Saving (Operating Area)

Fuji Ace realizes space saving by making it cylindrical coordinate type in order to make effective use of limited space.


Cylindrical Coordinate Type (Fuji Ace)

If there is an area unnecessary for loading, it is possible to secure the safety even if space is saved by cutting the operating area with a mechanical stopper.Because it is only the operation area necessary for palletizing, it can be installed in the lowest given space.


Polar Coordinate Type

The motion area required for palletizing is a square.In polar coordinates, there is an unnecessary motion area outside this square.As a result, a large installation space is required to install the safety fence outside the operating area.


EC - 102


EC - 171


EC - 201/201 W


Fuji ace system specification [Variation of all 4 models]

We will propose an optimum palletizing system with a repertoire rich robot to help our customers "cost reduction" and "energy saving"

EC Series

Format EC-102 EC-171 EC-201 EC-201W
Mechanism Articulated structure
Operation type Cylindrical coordinate type
Maximum payload (including hand) 160 kg 160 kg 200 kg 320 kg
Maximum throughput 1200 times / hour 1600 times / hour 1800 times / hour 600 times / hour
Degree of freedom of motion Standard 4 axes (optional additions possible)
Operating range Z axis (up and down) 2300 mm 2400 mm 2300 mm
R axis (front and rear) 1500 mm 1600 mm 1500 mm
Θ axis (turning) 330 °
A axis (Wrist) 330 °
Teaching storage area Standard 120 blocks (10 stages × 10 steps) (Option can be added)
Teaching less standard equipment
Teaching pendant standard equipment
Power supply 200 / 220V 50 / 60Hz
Required electric capacity 2.5KVA 3.5 KVA 4.0 KVA 6.5 KVA
Pressure source 0.5 MPa
Required air pressure capacity 120 Nl / min 160 Nl / min 225 Nl / min 280 Nl / min
Body weight (excluding hand) 700 kg 700 kg 750 kg 1150 kg

The above specification differs depending on various conditions and layout

Maximum payload and maximum processing capacity do not correspond.

* For Request capacity, We will select the most suitable model according to your specifications, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

End Effectors


A box

Even with handling of heavy loads, we have a fork to prevent falling by any chance, and we will handle the products reliably.


Box, Bag, Pallet Combination

Handle box lines and bag lines with one robot.In addition, the robot also supplies pallets.


Bag (high speed)

It is a hand that gathers the know how of Fuji Ace with an overwhelming share in the bag industry.


Bag (double)

To handle at high speed, handles two bags at the same time, and can also handle one bag at a time.


P Box

It is a hand that loads while placing the plastic crates.



It is a hand designed exclusively for handling 18 liters tank securely.



I will handle long boards. Corresponding to corrugated boards also.

bag depalletizer

Bag Depalletizer

Depalletize the raw material stacked on the pallet and supply it to the dismounting machine one bag at a time.


P Case Bulk Depalletizer

Depending on the specification of the case, handling at loading will be carried out delicately, and handling to ensure grip will be carried out.



We supply PET bottles and bottles to the production line.Robot grippers for surface pickup and column pickup are available for installation space and specifications.

cardboard sheet

Cardboard Sheet

Attach the supplied cardboard sheet and supply it to the caser. Handling is possible up to the last sheet. Position correction function, under sheet detection as standard features.

cardboard sheet

Gable Top

It is a gable top special hand.It can also be used as plastic case or cardboard case.


PET Bottle, Bottle

The automatic pitch adjustment function is carried. It is possible to deal with multiple varieties with less type change parts.


Bag (Food)

It is a hand for bags.Using suction pads tailored to the work, gentle handling is possible.


Bag (Medicine)

It is compatible with bag shape and can be used for various kinds of work.