EC-201 (High Speed Robotic Palletizer)

Through many years of research and development the EC.201 robot Is one of the most technologically advanced robotic palletizes on the market today. With three EC.201 models to choose from. Fuji offers a solution for High Speed (HS) , Heavy Weight (HD) and/or Super Heavy Weight (W) applications.

Fuji ACE Model EC-201HS EC-201HD
Type of Motion Multi-Articulated
Action Mode Cylindrical
Load Capacity(Including End Effector) 70kg(150lbs) 200kg(440lbs)
Palletizing Capacity (cycles / hour) 1800 1600
Degree of freedom 4 axis
Operating Area Z axis (vertical) 2300mm(90.5")
R axis(longitudinal) 1500mm(59")
Theta axis (rotation) 330°
Alpha axis (Wrist) 330°
Repeatability ±0.1mm
Memory 120-400 Programming locations available
Teaching method Teaching playback / Teaching Support
Power Requirements (200/220v,3Phase,50/60 HZ)
Power Consumption (Without Peripheral Equipment Load) 6.5KVA / 17amps
Robot Weight(Without End Effector) 1150kg (2536lbs)
Pneumatic Consumption (*Using Standard fuji Case or Bag End Effector) *5.7SCFM @ 70psi(0.5MPa)
Note: Capacity rates can be significantly affected by layouts. product types,and can be confirmed after a detailed analysis of an application.


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