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EC-201 (High Speed Palletizing)

Through many years of research and development, the EC-201 Robotic Palletizer Is one of the most technologically advanced Robotic Palletizer in the market today. With three EC.201 models to choose from. Fuji Robotics offers a solution for High Speed Robotic Palletizer(HS) , Heavy Weight Robotic Palletizer(HD) and/or Super Heavy Weight Robotic Palletizer(W) applications.

Fuji ACE Model EC-201HS EC-201HD
Type of Motion Multi-Articulated
Action Mode Cylindrical
Load Capacity(Including End Effector) 70kg(150lbs) 200kg(440lbs)
Palletizing Capacity (cycles / hour) 1800 1600
Degree of freedom 4 axis
Operating Area Z axis (vertical) 2300mm(90.5")
R axis(longitudinal) 1500mm(59")
Theta axis (rotation) 330°
Alpha axis (Wrist) 330°
Repeatability ±0.1mm
Memory 120-400 Programming locations available
Teaching method Teaching playback / Teaching Support
Power Requirements (200/220v,3Phase,50/60 HZ)
Power Consumption (Without Peripheral Equipment Load) 6.5KVA / 17amps
Robot Weight(Without End Effector) 1150kg (2536lbs)
Pneumatic Consumption (*Using Standard fuji Case or Bag End Effector) *5.7SCFM @ 70psi(0.5MPa)
Note: Capacity rates can be significantly affected by layouts. product types,and can be confirmed after a detailed analysis of an application.