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Chandrayaan: Where Robots Touch the Moon's Soul

23 August, 2023


Space exploration including moon & other planets in our solar system is next to impossible without Robots, which plays a significant role in achieving this breakthrough.

As the whole world is praising India for its Chandrayaan 3 feat, we Indians are moonstruck and can’t be any more proud of our motherland. India's Chandrayaan missions have captivated the world's attention with our ambitious quests to unravel the mysteries of the Moon. These missions not only showcase India's prowess in space exploration but also highlight the critical role that robots play in advancing our understanding of the lunar surface.

The Chandrayaan missions, initiated by Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), have brought robotic technology to the forefront of lunar exploration.

Robots are the unsung heroes of space exploration, particularly in lunar missions. The Moon's harsh environment—characterized by extreme temperature variations, vacuum conditions, and rugged terrain—makes it a formidable challenge for human explorers. This is where robots shine. They can endure the harsh conditions and execute tasks with precision, gathering data that expands our understanding of our celestial neighbour.

As we look ahead, robots are not only playing a prominent role in space exploration but also in our own planet in day-to-day life. They can venture into areas that are difficult to access and carry out experiments that are too risky for human. Robotic systems works with almost zero tolerance, repeatability, availability, and are designed to perform with utmost safety.

We at Fuji Robotics, feel overwhelmed how Robots are shaping our life and contributing to world economy.

Fuji Ace EC 201

01 March, 2021

Robotic Automation led to Increasing Production Multifold

Robotics and automation are dramatically reshaping the global economy. We at Fuji are helping clients use the newest technologies to enhance the industrial operations by supplying an integrated Robot system which meets their demands of high volume, velocity, variety, and visibility, enhancing the quality in optimum cost.

Above: FujiAce EC 201 in action at a testing phase at our channel partner factory. It can achieve a maximum of 200 pallets per hour and has been tested for countless hours to ensure the quality.
Fuji Ace EC 201

The demand for automation technology is growing as companies across industries look for ways to streamline and speed production and manufacturing. Fuji Ace EC 201 is one of such integrated system which was recently installed in one of the India’s biggest and oldest beverage company. A total of 3 Robotic Palletizing systems were provided to handle 7 production lines.

Variety and Visibility

Each system was uniquely crafted to meet the high throughput of different varieties of SKU at the same time. With an IT collaborated annunciation system the real time production data enhances the visibility of the production. As compared to traditional manual palletizing, the Robotic Palletizing system- Ace EC 201 increases the visibility to 99.99%. The production handling capacity of the plant became twice thereby improving inventory handling.
“The production capacity of the plant jumped to twice as much as before”

Lives made easy “1.5X Space Utilisation” “2.5 years for Return on Investment”

FujiAce EC 201 made the lives of the customer easy by providing a means to automatically adjust the speed of the whole production line to suit whichever activity is the critical constraint for a given batch. It can automatically make tiny adjustments in line speed to improve the overall balance of individual lines and maximize the effectiveness of the whole manufacturing system. By enhancing the plant space utilization by 1.5 times, the system is well designed considering easy movement of material handling vehicles.

Return on Investment:

By completely eliminating the Labor cost at the packaging area at individual lines, the ROI of the system is just 2.5 years. A fully automated system ensures no human contact during the palletizing operation. Fuji emphasized a lot on the safety of the Robotic palletizer by perfectly using automation at all the possible pinch points in the system. The smooth handling of the product and efficient stacking of the boxes on pallet results in less product damages.While the system works in high-speed, high-volume production applications, it can make adjustments on the fly, switching seamlessly between product types without the need to stop the line to change programming.

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