Seamless After Sales Support

Robotic Palletizer | Fuji Robotics India
  • We have the best inhouse trained Robotic Engineers to support post sales & services.
  • Once new Robot arrives at our Integrator facility and is ready for FAT, our dedicated technical team supports our Integrator’s team to achieve committed Robot capacity.
  • Once the Installation is complete, we document and archive all the final changes including configuration parameters which helps post troubleshooting, if any.
  • Online support is totally free during the entire life cycle of Robot.
  • Fuji guarantee availability of spares for a period of upto 16 years.
  • Back-up file including configuration setting parameter for every robot dispatched by Fuji Japan for ease of support.
  • Inbuilt self-diagnostic Robot software to reflect condition of robot, provide useful information for Fuji engineer to support.
Industrial Robotic Palletizer

Supported by worldwide network

  • We build trust with the wide-area network of Fuji service team and 350 affiliated companies worldwide.


  • We recommend periodic inspection contract.
  • Even with such Japanese quality and precision manufactured, the Robot function will degrade and deteriorate with use. It is recommended to conduct periodic inspections before this function level falls below the permissible levels. [Preventive maintenance]

Sales of parts (Spares)

  • Parts center is located at each office.
  • Breakdown/emergency spares are kept in stock in our India Office for prompt support.

Implementation of industrial robot Training and operator education

  • It is obligatory to implement special training for those engaged in business such as robot programming and inspection of industrial robots for end users. Hence we invite our Integrator/End user Team to our India Office where we have the facility to provide detailed classroom & field training with help of our Demo Robot.
  • It is also possible to conduct training by Fuji service team at customer premises with their own robot.
  • Training is completely free from Fuji.

What we do in robot training?

  • Conduct detailed training at our India Office facility which includes classroom and field training.
  • Training to multiple staff in actual working environment.
  • Training at Fuji Yusoki Japan factory is also available.
  • Free visit to all our divisions of Fuji Yusoki Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Industrial Robotic Palletizers

Service on Telephone/Email with inbuilt troubleshooting software FCAT utility.

Automatic Palletizers

Creation of New Product Data through web support.

Robotic Palletizer

Error Troubleshooting through web support.

We're dedicated to resolving a wide range of challenges in Palletizing and De Palletizing application. Feel free to reach out to us for expert solutions