Fuji Yusoki Kogyo Co., Ltd. manufacturers of Robotic Palletizing & Depalletizing Systems

Fuji Robotics, a premier robotic palletizer manufacturer headquartered in Japan, excels in producing energy-efficient and high-performance palletizing solutions. Our extensive product line includes Low & Medium Speed, High Speed, and Heavy Payload Robotic Palletizers, catering to a diverse range of industrial needs. With over 18,000 systems installed globally, Fuji is a trusted name in the automation industry, known for its reliability and innovation.

Our bestselling robotic palletizers are designed to meet various speed and payload requirements:

  1. EC-102 Low to Medium Speed Robotic Palletizer: Ideal for moderate production lines, this model offers efficiency and precision.
  2. EC-171 Medium to High Speed Robotic Palletizer: Balances speed and payload capacity, perfect for dynamic industrial environments.
  3. EC-201 High Speed Robotic Palletizer: Optimized for high-speed operations, ensuring rapid and accurate palletizing.
  4. EC-102 Heavy Payload Robotic Palletizer: Built to handle heavy-duty tasks, this model is robust and reliable for larger loads.

Fuji Robotics' advanced palletizers, such as the FUJI-ACE, feature our patented ball-screw design, making them faster, stronger, and more energy-efficient than competitors. These machines are celebrated for their simplicity and user-friendly interfaces, while housing sophisticated technology capable of handling high-speed or heavy-weight applications seamlessly.

In response to the growing demand for automation, Fuji Robotics offers integrated robotic systems that enhance industrial operations. Our solutions provide high volume, velocity, variety, and visibility, significantly improving production quality and efficiency at optimal costs. The real-time production data integration enhances visibility, making our systems indispensable for modern manufacturing environments.


Fuji's robotic palletizers are designed to automatically adjust production line speeds, optimizing the balance and effectiveness of individual lines. This automatic adjustment capability maximizes overall manufacturing efficiency and enhances plant space utilization by 1.5 to 2 times. By eliminating manual labor in the packaging area, our systems reduce costs and offer a return on investment within 1 to 3 years.

Safety is a top priority at Fuji Robotics. Our automated systems ensure safe operation at all possible pinch points, reducing product damage and ensuring smooth handling and efficient stacking. These systems are capable of high-speed production and can switch seamlessly between different product types without halting operations.

Our product features include the Fuji-Ace, Column-Ace, Caser Robot, Robotic Palletizer, and Lift Conveyor. These innovations are designed to improve productivity and reduce operational costs, making Fuji Robotics a leader among palletizer machine manufacturers.

In India, Fuji Robotics provides specialized solutions for various palletizing needs, including box/carton palletizing, lube oil bucket palletizing, and paint bucket palletizing. Our palletizing industrial robots are tailored to meet the specific requirements of different industries, offering reliable and high-performing solutions for diverse applications.

Fuji Robotics' commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction ensures that we remain at the forefront of the automation industry, providing cutting-edge solutions that drive efficiency and productivity across the globe.


April 3,1944


Sanyo-Onoda, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan


320 employees (as of Jun’23)

Sales volume

$206 Million USD (2020)

  • 1982

    Articulated cylindrical robot "Fuji Ace"

  • 1985

    Rectangular "Fuji Cross" robot Headquarters moved to Onoda City

  • 1986

    Low floor type palletizing system, Fuji Hi-Mate & multifunctional travelling robot

  • 1990

    Cardboard Sheet Palletizer, New Fuji Group Company, Fuji Enterprise Co, Ltd.

  • 1991

    Established Fuji Office in Amsterdam, Netherlands / New Tokyo Office building

  • 1992

    Elevator division moved / High-capacity material handling robot Super Ace

  • 1994

    Super Lifcon / Low-capacity Fuji Ace model, JA 50 / High-capacity robot, SA-90

  • 1995

    2-axis robot Tsuyoshi kun

  • 1996

    Space saving material handling robot WA60/High-capacity Fuji Ace model AC-160

  • 1997

    High-capacity and energy-saving perpendicular conveyor, High-Tec Lifcon

  • 1998

    Fuji Ace Series Model changed / 2-axis robot (Column Ace) developed

  • 2001

    7,000 Fuji-Ace Robots were installed and operating in various industries worldwide

  • 2002

    Seattle Office opened

  • 2003

    Shanghai office was opened / Established New Fuji Group Company, Challenge Ltd.

  • 2004

    Hongkong Office was opened

  • 2006

    WJ Morray Engineering Ltd. Joined Fuji Group

  • 2007

    Qingdao Office was opened

  • 2008

    Fuji European office moved from Holland to Dusseldorf in Germany.

  • 2009

    Mumbai Office was opened / New factory for robot production line was built out

  • 2011

    UL1740 Certification

  • 2017

    Over 16,000 Fuji Robotic Palletizers installed worldwide.

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